Established: 1868  one of the longest running  Swimming Clubs in Great Britain

Rochdale Swimming Club

Penguins ASA Stage 4

By the end of this stage participants will be able to, and to ASA expected standards:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of buoyancy 
  • Perform a tuck float for 5 seconds
  • Perform a sequence of 3 floating shapes
  • Push and Glide to pool floor
  • Kick 10m backstroke (1 aid)
  • Kick 10m front crawl (1 aid)
  • Kick 10m butterfly on back or front (1 aid)
  • Kick 10m breaststroke on back (1 aid)
  • Kick 10m breaststroke on front (1 aid)
  • Skull on back, headfirst for 5m
  • Travel on back and roll onto front in a continuous movement
  • Travel on front and roll onto back in a continuous movement
  • Swim 10m, choice of stroke

(13 Outcomes)